Franklin Eyes Federal Programs to Help Economic Revitalization

Jun 12, 2018

Representatives from several federal agencies converged in New Hampshire Tuesday to provide information on how municipalities can make use of government resources.


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Environmental Protection Agency and other organizations filled Franklin's City Hall for the event, organized in part by HUD Regional Administrator David Tille.


“While the economy is doing strong and has improved significantly, there are still areas that we know here in New Hampshire and in other states that need that extra help,” Tille said.


Mayor Tony Giunta thanked Tille, who he said he’d known for more than 20 years, for prompting the federal forum.


Federal dollars have been key to economic revitalization for Franklin, according to Giunta. "So we have a number of investors who would like to come to the City of Franklin,” Giunta said. “Unfortunately, most of our property is industrial and it's historically industrial, so they don't know what kind of contamination and liability is there."


Giunta says EPA grants have funded environmental studies that let investors know what they're getting into when it comes to asbestos, lead paint or other contaminants.


Organizers with HUD said there were 12 New Hampshire communities represented Tuesday, including Keene and New London.