Four Arrested At Lebanon Border Patrol Checkpoint | New Hampshire Public Radio

Four Arrested At Lebanon Border Patrol Checkpoint

Sep 6, 2019

Credit USCBP

The Border Patrol checkpoint on I-89 in Lebanon resulted in four arrests Thursday. U.S. Customs and Border Protection arrested another 21 people this week in other operations.

That includes one U.S. Citizen wanted on an outstanding warrant. Other people detained came from Russia, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico.

Those who didn’t have proper documentation are now in removal proceedings.

Seven of the undocumented are facing felony prosecution for allegedly reentering the country after previously being deported. 

Dartmouth College, which is near the site of the checkpoints, issued a statement Thursday saying “checkpoint activity in a rural area far from an international border is unnecessary and sends a message at odds with the open and welcoming values of an institution like Dartmouth.”

Lebanon Police Chief Richard Mello says his department does not work directly with federal immigration officials, nor do they ask about a person’s citizenship status when filing a report locally.