Forrester Calls For Tax Reform And "Cultural Change" In Concord

May 16, 2016

Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Jeanie Forrester wants New Hampshire to step up efforts to recruit businesses to move here, and she wants to reward businesses that expand with tax relief.

As Forrester sees it, New Hampshire has been held back for years because Concord, under a string of Democratic governors, has become set in its ways.


"You know this campaign should be based on ideas. You know, New Hampshire has been stagnant for 18 years. You know we need to have the best ideas. We need to be talking to people about the ideas and vision of what New Hampshire can be."   

Forrester says she'd lower regulatory burden on businesses, and work to build the state's biotech sector.

The campaign of fellow Republican Frank Edelbut criticized Forrester's plan as short on solutions.