Former Trump Co-Chair Stepanek Launches Bid For State GOP Chairmanship

Nov 19, 2018

Credit josh rogers / nhpr

The former New Hampshire co-chair of Donald Trump's presidential campaign wants to lead the state Republican Party. 

Steve Stepanek served in Amherst's town government and did five terms in the New Hampshire House. He also has ties to Donald Trump.

As he announced his bid for party chairman in a Concord tavern Monday, he flaunted both. He said he'd get national special interests groups aligned with the GOP to spend here, and hustle alongside local activists.

"Everything stems from raising the money and being competitive with the Democrats, or exceeding what the Democrats do in terms of fundraising. Once we've done that, I'm a grassroots guy."

Local political action committees aligned with the Democratic Party outspent equivalent GOP PACs by more than 4-1 in New Hampshire in this year's midterm election.

Current GOP chairman Wayne MacDonald has yet to say if he'll seek another term. He took over as chairman when former State Senator Jeanne Forrester resigned last summer.