Former State Senator Bob Clegg Told AG He Wanted Sanborn Out Of Office

Aug 28, 2018

State Sen. Andy Sanborn's behavior at the State House has been an issue in his run for Congress this year.

Newly released documents show a former top state senator and fellow Republican who now works as a lobbyist wanted Sanborn out of office because he's a "black eye" on the institution.

Former Senate Majority Leader Bob Clegg told investigators that it is "common practice" for Sanborn to harass people at the State House but that invocation of oral sex with a male intern and UNH student - which Sanborn has called a crass joke - "went too far."

Sanborn has said the state's investigation of him was driven by his political enemies. Clegg told investigators he used public records laws to seek information on Sanborn's behavior. He also did a bit of gumshoe work, "asking just the right questions." 

Part of a redacted transcript of one of the interviews released by the N.H. Department of Justice, regarding the investigation into Andy Sanborn's alleged misconduct.

Clegg said Senate leadership agreed to the records requests, but Senate legal counsel, Rick Lehmann, always found technical reasons for withholding information.

Earlier transcripts indicated top Senate staffers considered informing UNH about Sanborn's interaction with the intern, which took place in 2013.

UNH, which has placed interns in the State House for decades, says it was never informed.  

Read the Attorney General's office's full, redacted interview with Bob Clegg: