Former Labor Leader Mark MacKenzie Announces Run for Congress

Oct 31, 2017

Former New Hampshire AFL-CIO president and current state Rep. Mark MacKenzie is the latest Democrat to enter the race for the state’s 1st Congressional District.

MacKenzie worked as a Manchester firefighter for 25 years after signing up as a 21 year old.

He also served as president of the New Hampshire chapter of the country's largest labor union for 25 years. He lost reelection to that post in 2015 after a controversy over voting process.

MacKenzie has been active in numerous Democratic political campaigns in New Hampshire, most recently supporting Bernie Sanders' bid for president.

“My life has been about fighting for working men and women, for serving my community, and I think the time is ripe to have a candidate whose history is about that kind of fight.”

First on MacKenzie’s list of priorities is affordable healthcare. He supports lowering the eligibility age for Medicare to get more people covered.

MacKenzie joins three other Democrats and two Republicans in the race.