Former Investment Adviser in N.H. Pleads Guilty to Exploiting Elderly Client

Jul 25, 2019

The man from Bow, N.H., pleaded guilty to one count of Financial Exploitation of an Elderly Adult, one count of Perjury, and one count of Witness Tampering.
Credit Ali Oshinskie / NHPR

A former investment adviser in New Hampshire has pleaded guilty to stealing $345,000 from an elderly client.

Sixty-six-year-old James Knee, of Bow, recently pleaded guilty to financial exploitation, perjury and witness tampering charges.

The attorney general's office said Knee accepted checks from his 76-year-old client but didn't re-invest them. Instead, he deposited them into personal accounts and used the money to pay his expenses, including money sent to a Florida woman whom he had met online.

The attorney general's office said Knee falsely testified in 2016 before the New Hampshire Bureau of Securities Regulation that the funds from his client were gifts. It said he sent notes to his client that the state could bring charges and instructed the client to say he hadn't been deceived.

Knee's scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 29.