Former DHMC Doctor Can Resume Practice After License Suspended For Opioid Use

Aug 30, 2017

Credit Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

A former Dartmouth-Hitchcock doctor who had his license suspended earlier this year after faking medical records and diverting an opioid for his own use can now return to practice.

The New Hampshire Board of Medicine ruled earlier this month that Dr. Christopher Manfred can begin practicing medicine again pending certain conditions. Those include practicing only critical care medicine for the first year and agreeing to monitoring.

Manfred was an anesthesiologist at Dartmouth-Hitchcock before his license was suspended in January. He admitted to diverting vials of an opioid pain medication for his personal use and faking medical records to make it look like the medicine was going to patients.

He is no longer an employee of Dartmouth-Hitchcock.