Former Dartmouth Undergrad Sues College Over 2017 Expulsion

Feb 4, 2019

Credit NHPR Staff

Dartmouth College is facing another legal challenge from a former student who says he was unlawfully expelled.

In a complaint filed recently in federal district court, the anonymous plaintiff argues Dartmouth expelled him in the fall of 2017 on the basis of allegations made by a former girlfriend, who is a student at a different school out of state. 

The complaint states Dartmouth administrators failed to follow the school’s written procedures through the hearing and expulsion process. It details months of contentious back-and-forth between the plaintiff and school leaders, at times involving local police.

According to court records, the lawsuit was originally filed last August, but was later dismissed at the plaintiff’s request to allow time for him to clear his name from public records.

This is the second complaint from an expelled Dartmouth student filed against the college in 2019. Both cases have charged leaders on campus with holding biased attitudes toward men.

"Lawsuits related to our student-conduct process are uncommon," said college spokesperson Diana  Lawrence in a statement. "However, these are difficult and deeply personal situations for the people involved and there are bound to be times when a student is dissatisfied."