First Look At State House And Senate Results

Nov 7, 2012

Credit Sara Plourde / NHPR

Races for State House and Senate were still wrapping up early this morning. Republicans lost some ground in the House, but we’re still learning how many seats were gained by Democrats.To start with, the Speaker of the House, Bill O’Brien, was reelected. He finished second to a Democrat in a two-member district.

But early signs indicate that the makeup of the House will be a little less red. Among the defeated Republicans were Ways and Means Chair Steve Stepanek and Majority Leader Pete Silva.

In the State Senate, Democrats gained five seats but are still in the minority. Republican Jim Luther appears to be the only incumbent ousted. Democrat Peggy Gilmour defeated him with about 1,100 votes.

Perhaps the closest race in the State Senate was fought between Andy Sanborn, a Republican former senator, and Democrat Lee Nyquist. Sanborn left the senate last year and moved to Bedford because of the redistricting process. By early morning, Sanborn seemed to have won by about 250 votes.