The First Decade: Early Education in N.H.

May 20, 2015

We continue our series The First Decade with early education.  Research shows that a child’s foundation for success in school is established at a very young age, through high-quality care at home or at pre-school - and in New Hampshire, moving from half to full-day kindergarten.  Yet, some also caution that how we teach our youngest kids is just as important as where.


  • Kristin Barden – kindergarten teacher at Beech Street School in Manchester.
  • Katie Brissette – deputy director of Early Learning NH, a nonprofit that advocates for early learning programs, such as child care, Head Start, and preschool.
  • Mary Earick – administrator of the Bureau of Integrated Programs for the N.H. Department of Education and state director of Title I. She was formerly a professor in the field of early childhood education.


  • Alia Wong – education editor for The Atlantic.  You can read some of her coverage here.  
  • Sam Evans-Brown – NHPR’s education reporter.

Listen to an audio postcard from Beech Street Elementary School in Manchester:

Show highlights: