Feds Say New Hampshire's DCYF Still Falls Short in Key Areas

Aug 17, 2018

The federal government says its review of 65 cases pulled in April, found the Division of Children, Youth and Families -- or DCYF -- falls short in such key areas as protecting children from abuse and neglect, and ensuring they receive services to meet their educational, physical and mental health needs. 

The report says high caseload volumes remain a big problem. Joe Ribsam directs DCFY.   

"For folks who have been following the system, I don't think there is any real surprises in here. That being said it's still a tough report to read given that there is an awful long way to go." 

The federal government expects DCFY to submit a plan to address the findings of the report. And says the deficiencies warrant withholding at least $275,000 in federal aid.  

In May, the state paid $6.75 million to settle a suit brought by the grandparents of two young girls who were sexually abused by their parents while under the supervision of DCFY. Other lawsuits are pending.