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Exploring the End of the World

Nov 14, 2012

Credit FlyingSinger via Flickr Creative Commons

If you don’t believe in Mayan calendars, and you’re not too worried about the next rapture that supposed to happen, then you’re probably not too concerned about the world ending anytime soon. But has the thought ever crossed your mind?

Our guest Craig Childs spends his time pondering just such a topic. He ventured to the earth’s most extreme places to find small clues that might give us insight into the huge changes our planet could go through. From  ice ages, super volcanoes, and the conclusion of planetary life cycles, he wrote about it all in his new book Apocalyptic Planet, Field Guide to the Everending Earth. The book is full of incisive descriptions of the natural earth and unequivocal science proving that the earth is constantly moving towards its end.

Craig Childs has published more than a dozen critically acclaimed books on nature, science, and adventure.  He will be giving a multimedia presentation at the Red River Theatre tonight, at the Lictenstein Center for the Arts in Pittsfield, Ma tomorrow, and at Longfellow Books in Portland, Maine on Friday the Sixteenth.