The expiring tax breaks you might NOT have heard about

Dec 19, 2011

Over the weekend, the Senate overwhelmingly approved extending the payroll tax cut for two months...but before earners could count their thousand-dollar chickens, house speaker Boehner announced the extension would be DOA at the House, sparking a fierce public debate on a week better known for empty halls on Capitol Hill. But with all the kerfluffle over the payroll tax, there are a number of smaller, targeted tax cuts set to expire this year you probably haven't heard about. With us to run through some of them is Bill Ardinger. He's head of the tax practice at the New Hampshire Law Firm Rath, Young, and Pignatelli, and spent the early part of his career in Washington, where he worked on tax policy. 

Producer's note of disclosure:

Rath, Young, and Pignatelli is an NHPR underwriter. /RL