Expansion of Interstate 93 Threatened

Oct 25, 2011

New Hampshire's newly-appointed Transportation Commissioner says without federal matching funds, the I-93 expansion and other major road projects are at risk.

Chris Clement has had a lot to deal with in the five weeks since first taking office.

First state legislators made major reductions in his budget and now Congress wants to cut their contribution by more than $50 million.

Clement says without the money from Washington, there will be no more expansion work of I-93.

"I-93 is the road paved with gold," says Clement. "Once that road is finished we get people from Massachusetts and from the south to come up into our beautiful state and enjoy it and not sit in traffic jams."

ButĀ federal funding cuts threaten easy traveling. "If we get that cut we can't move forward with any additional projects on I-93," says Clement.

Clement says lawmakers need to find the money for all the state's major road projects, including the 148 so-called "red-listed" bridges in need of repair.