Executive Council OKs Contracts for New Addiction Treatment 'Hubs'

Oct 31, 2018

Governor Chris Sununu and Health Commissioner Jeffrey Meyers announced plans for a new "hub and spoke" system in August.
Credit Britta Greene / New Hampshire Public Radio

The Executive Council on Wednesday approved contracts for new addiction hubs across the state, sending millions of dollars in federal funds to local hospitals to build out resources for those struggling with substance use.

The hubs will form the backbone of Governor Chris Sununu's statewide plan to address the opioid crisis, routing residents to nearby treatment and services.

They will also be tasked with keeping detailed data on how patients are progressing.

The federal money, though, comes with tight deadlines. Seven hospitals and the service provider Granite Pathways now have only two months to get their hubs up and running. That will mean navigating relationships with other local organizations and hiring additional personnel to keep long hours.

The Executive Council also approved $1 million for Granite United Way to expand its existing 2-1-1 hotline. That line will be promoted by the state as a comprehensive resource on addiction, in parallel with a new website where online resources will be available.