Executive Council Has More Questions on Medicaid Managed Care

Apr 13, 2012


State and Managed Care company officials met today with the executive council to discuss the contract that would change the state’s Medicaid Program. The councilors have serious concerns, and many questions.

The $2.2 billion dollar proposed contract is the biggest in the history of the state. Supporters say Managed Medicaid would streamline services for the some 130,000 people in the program. Health-care providers worry the new contract may hurt their patients and their business.

Executive Councilors, like Chris Sununu, are equally concerned.

"The concept of managed Medicaid is a very good concept, and I think it’s probably something that New Hampshire really needs," Sununu says, "But this contract has a lot of other moving pieces to it that make it very difficult for this council to say yeah, sure this makes sense."

The executive council could vote on the Managed Medicaid contract as early as next Wednesday. Councilors also could push the vote back.