The Ethical Butcher

May 17, 2010

Berlin Reed spent most of his life avoiding meat. He became a vegetarian at age 12, and a vegan at 20.

At first he was just trying to irk his mom. Over time, Reed’s reasons deepened to indictments of animal cruelty and environmental destruction by the meat industry. Then, out of desperation, Reed took a job at a meat counter in Brooklyn. Within weeks of starting the job, Reed was not only up to his elbows cutting carcasses, but dining on them too.

Now, Berlin Reed runs a blog, called “The Ethical Butcher,” that promotes moderate, conscientious meat eating, along with finger-licking recipes and instructional butchering videos.

Berlin Reed: Vegetarian Butcher Turned Ethical Omnivore

he's redefining green: Berlin Reed

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