Edelblut Declines to Take a Position on Full Day Kindergarten at Town Hall Event

Apr 28, 2017

Credit Jason Moon for NHPR

At a town hall style event on Friday, State Department of Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut declined to take a position on whether the state should fund full day kindergarten programs.

Speaking to a crowd of about 75 at New England College, Commissioner Edelblut was asked by audience members about several ongoing education policy debates.

On state funding for full day kindergarten, which has the support of Governor Chris Sununu, Edelblut declined to offer an opinion. He stressed that the department doesn’t take positions on pending legislation.

“What I will tell you is that the governor is very excited about kindergarten. And what I will tell you is that I have committed to the governor that, if that’s his policy, I will implement it very well.”

Edelblut also avoided taking a position on issues surrounding school funding.

He did however offer support for the ideas behind a school choice bill that recently sputtered in the statehouse. That bill would’ve allowed families to use public money for private school and home school expenses.