Eat Less, Give More

Feb 8, 2012

How many times have you ordered an entrée at a restaurant only to end up with a pile of food on your plate you then feel obligated to take home in a doggie bag? Overly large portions must have some appeal for restaurant goers…after all, some chains rely marketing campaigns that talk about little else…

With obesity rates, food waste and hunger all on the rise in the United States, a new program is hoping to put a dent in all three. The non-profit called “Halfsies” is the brainchild of Rachel Smith, a registered pediatric nurse who saw a big problem, and is doing her best to make a difference in the dining-out environment to change long-term perceptions about portion size and helping those in need. And as part of our continuing series, Tipping the Scales, we wanted to learn more.

Producer's note: Special thanks to Word of Mouth Producer Todd Bookman, who traveled to New Hampshire restaurant Bentley's Roast Beef to gauge customers' reactions to the ideas behind Halfsies.