Downeaster Reliability Rebounds Following Rail Work, Delays Last Year

Jun 6, 2016

Credit Voluntary Amputation via Flickr/Creative Commons -

  Amtrak officials say the Downeaster train line has improved its reliability this year, following delays and other issues in 2015. 

The Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority says 90 percent of Downeaster trains are now running on time, and that customer satisfaction is at 92 percent, one of the highest rates in the country.

The system had numerous canceled and delayed trains about a year ago, as crews worked to replace roughly 22,000 railroad ties along the tracks between New Hampshire's southern border and Portland, Maine.

That project ended last summer, and ridership totals for the end of last year and early 2016 appear to be comparable to, or even higher than, the figures before the maintenance work began.