Don't Swat That Bug! Beneficial Insects in N.H.

Aug 2, 2017

Although ticks, mosquitos, and emerald ash borers get all the attention, New Hampshire is full of beneficial insects.  From predators to parasites to pollinators, countless species enhance our ecosystem. We identify these helpful insects and learn how they help in our gardens, forests, and even in harsh mountain environments.  

This show originally aired on July 12, 2017. 


 Click on this link to see the UNH extension publication authored by Alan Eaton which highlights insects commonly seen in the state with over 70 photographs. There is also a section on how to preserve & protect beneficial insects in New Hampshire. 



Some key beneficial insects:
A black spinyleg dragonfly

Pselliopus cincta - an assassin bug.
Credit Flickr

Green lacewing fly.
Credit Wikimedia