Don't Forget The PB&J: How New Hampshire Hikers Can Eat Well On The Trail

May 10, 2015

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches may bring back memories of school lunches, but Bill Warren of AMC-NH says they're a pretty handy item to have while hiking, because they provide a good mix of nutrients hikers need.
Credit Benson Kua via Flickr/CC -

  Even in the coldest parts of the year there are Granite Staters out on hiking trails and in the woods, but now that we have warmer weather, even the most casual outdoorsmen and women among us may choose to head out of doors.

That extra exertion requires extra nutrition, and Bill Warren is here to help. He’s vice chair of the New Hampshire chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club, and he teaches workshops on how to eat enough and eat healthy on the trail, something he says even experienced hikers can have a hard time doing.

He spoke with Weekend Edition ahead of workshop on eating well on the trail he's leading on Wednesday, May 13, at the Concord Public Library