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Dispensary Applicant Eyeing Location In Dover

Mar 3, 2015

  One of the 14 applicants who would operate a medical marijuana dispensary in the state is eyeing a location in Dover.

A group affiliated with Wellness Connection of Maine says it wants to operate in the seacoast region. Board member Bill Eldridge says it would also be named Wellness Connection.

“Many of the things that have been developed in Maine, we plan to license their intellectual property and run similar operations with the same high standards in New Hampshire if we receive a license.”

Eldridge says the Dover site would be used for both cultivation and retail sales. And says a New Hampshire resident would be the executive director.

The state is due to announce its initial selections this month. The first applicant selected will operate in the southwest, which is the least populous of the four state regions carved out by the health department. That operator will have the exclusive option of running a second location in a different region.