Despite Sununu's Outreach, Hampton's Lawsuit Against State Likely To Proceed

Jan 17, 2018

Credit Jason Moon for NHPR

A meeting this week between Governor Chris Sununu and Hampton town officials may not have been enough to calm the waters in that town.

Last year, Hampton selectmen voted to sue the state over the cost of some services that the town provides at the popular state-owned beach.

Governor Sununu met with Hampton officials Tuesday night in an apparent effort to head off that suit, which is scheduled to be filed at the end of the month.

But Hampton Selectman James Waddell, who voted against filing the suit, says he doubts Sununu's outreach will make a difference.

“I didn’t really hear anything last night that was going to change the board’s mind, I don’t think.”

The Hampton board of selectmen will meet again Monday night. The meeting will be their last before the suit is filed.