Demonstrators Highlight Concerns with Proposed Eversource Project on Seacoast

Jul 12, 2017

Credit Jason Moon for NHPR

People concerned about a proposed utility project on the Seacoast gathered for a demonstration Wednesday afternoon.

Outside the offices of the Department of Environmental Services in Portsmouth, roughly 20 people held signs showing their support for the environmental health of the Great Bay estuary.

The state's largest utility, Eversource, is hoping to bury a portion of a proposed transmission line beneath Great Bay.

Demonstrators here say that could do permanent damage to the tidal estuary. Eversource maintains it won’t.

Among the demonstrators was Democratic state rep from Durham, Wayne Burton. He says experts hired by the town have questioned the science behind Eversource’s proposal.

“It seems to me, that they’ve intentionally set the data to give the best case scenario to have this slide through. So what they’ve done is really create an atmosphere of distrust.”

The project is currently before the state’s Site Evaluation Committee. They’re expected to make a final decision this fall.