With Democrats Now In Charge, N.H. Senate Votes To Rollback New Voter Residency Law

Jun 7, 2019

Credit NHPR Staff

The New Hampshire Senate has moved to rollback a new law Democrats argue amounts to voter suppression.

The law that takes effect in July will end the state's distinction between domicile and residency for voting purposes, which means out-of-state college students who vote in New Hampshire would also be subject to residency requirements, such as getting New Hampshire driver's licenses or registering their cars.

But the Senate passed a bill Thursday to revert to previous language in the law to essentially negate the change. The bill previously passed the House in March, but Republican Gov. Chris Sununu opposes it, and neither the House nor Senate votes amounted to veto-proof majorities.

Both the residency law and a second new law requiring additional documentation from voters registering within 30 days of an election are being challenged in court.