Democrats Nominate Shurtleff For House Speaker

Nov 15, 2018

Credit josh rogers / nhpr

Steve Shurtleff has been House Democratic leader for six years and Democrats gave him an easy win over Hampton progressive Renny Cushing. After the 182-43 vote, Shurtleff said earning the confidence of his caucus, which, pending recounts, will hold a 34-seat majority in the House, means a lot.

"I'm very touched, as someone who grew up here in Concord, seeing the State House so many times, to be the nominee for speaker is a great honor."

Shurtleff says on his watch the committees, and not the Speaker's office, will set the House policy agenda. But he says there will be new policies to address lawmaker conduct, including workplace and sexual harassment.

"Legislation will be introduced to create a position of HR director for the State House."

He says training on sexual harassment will be mandatory and lawmakers who skip it could lose their parking space and be removed from committees.

The full House will choose its next speaker next month.