Democrats Hoping to Close N.H.'s So-Called 'LLC Loophole' in Campaign Contributions

Jan 30, 2017

A bill that would close a loophole that lets business owners make multiple campaign contributions to a single candidate will be up for debate Tuesday at the Statehouse.

At issue is something known as the LLC loophole – with LLC standing for limited liabilities company.

Under current law, individuals who control multiple LLCs can exceed legal campaign contribution limits to a single candidate by spreading their checks across their different businesses. The current campaign limit is 7,000 dollars per donor, per candidate. 

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In recent years, Republican candidates have tended to benefit from this loophole to a far greater extent than Democrats. 

The bill before the Senate's Election Law committee Tuesday has largely Democratic sponsors. It would require donations by multiple LLCs to all be counted as coming from the owner of those businesses.