Democratic N.H. Lawmakers Prepare For Sununu Budget Veto

Jun 25, 2019

Credit Dan Tuohy / NHPR

Democratic state lawmakers say they'd prefer it didn't happen, but they are preparing for Governor Chris Sununu to veto the next state budget.

House Speaker Steve Shurtleff says he has been talking with Republicans about a continuing resolution to keep government running if the Legislature and the Governor remain at impasse.

"That will be coming up on Thursday, that's something I've worked on with our friends in the Senate as well as Republican leadership in the house."

The main sticking point in the budget debate is business taxes. Sununu says the next budget needs to keep the rate of the business profits tax at 7.7 percent.

Democrats want the rate to return to the 7.9 percent it was last year. They say the higher rate will raise $90 million needed to fund the budget.