In Debate, Hassan Attacks Havenstein For Signing Conservative Group's Pledge

Oct 16, 2014

In a debate Thursday morning on WGIR, Governor Maggie Hassan repeatedly went after Republican Walt Havenstein for a pledge he signed earlier this year with the conservative group Americans for Prosperity.

“By singing that Koch brothers pledge, he is pledging to undo our Medicaid expansion, he’s pledging no matter what to do what the Koch brothers and Americans for Prosperity tell him to do.”

Havenstein says he has no plans to repeal Medicaid expansion and insisted he has no connection to the Koch brothers, but made no apologies for wanting to cut spending.

“If what she means is I’m fiscally conservative, she’s right. If what she means is I’m in favor of smaller governments and less taxes, she’s absolutely right.”

Havenstein is challenging Hassan in the November election, trying to unseat the first-term Democrat.

On the state budget, Hassan says Havenstein’s plan to lower the business profits tax would lead to $90 million in lost revenue.

Havenstein took Hassan to task for including $80 million in casino revenue in the budget she proposed last year and says he’s against expanded gambling.

The candidates found common ground on Northern Pass, both saying they oppose the project in its current form.