"Dashboard" Aims To Inform N.H. Economic Plan

Oct 31, 2013

State policymakers will have fresh numbers at their disposal when they return to concord next year.

The "economic dashboard" was put together by NH Center for Public Policy Studies and commissioned by the Business and Industry Association.

It finds N.H. doing well in areas that suggest past economic strength -- like homeownership rates -- but lagging in areas indicative of future economic strength -- like low student debt load and affordable housing.

Dennis Delay, the public policy center’s economist, says population growth used to help NH recover quickly after recessions. Such growth, he says, isn’t happening anymore.

"It’s a fundamentally difference economic situation that we are facing now, as opposed to what we were seeing in the past, and its probably going to require a whole new set of polices to deal with that."

Among the bills lawmakers will consider when the legislature reconvenes next year is a proposal to establish a new state economic development plan.