Dartmouth Seeks to Clarify Stance on Free Speech, Antifa Connection

Sep 1, 2017

Mark Bray, a member of the history faculty a Dartmouth College
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The back-and-forth between Dartmouth faculty and College President Phil Hanlon continues over the school's response to comments by Mark Bray. Bray is a faculty member and has been a prominent speaker on the Antifa movement since the clashes in Charlottesville.

In a statement last month, President Hanlon distanced the college from Bray's comments around the role of violence in taking on white supremacy.

Members of the faculty then pushed back, writing in a letter last week that Bray's words had been distorted, and that he had never personally called for violent action. They urged Hanlon to retract his statement.

In response this week, Hanlon explained that the college had gotten a “tremendous surge” of calls and emails from people thinking that Bray was, in fact, encouraging violence, and that he was speaking on behalf of Dartmouth College. The college continues to support Bray's ability to do research and interviews, Hanlon wrote, but opposes violence and encourages free speech. Further, he wrote, Bray does not speak on behalf of the college.