Dartmouth College Joins Filing In Opposition To Trump's Immigration Order

Feb 13, 2017

Credit Allison Quantz for NHPR

Dartmouth College is joining other Ivy League schools in opposing President Trump’s immigration order.

The Hanover-based school, along with 16 other elite institutions, filed a legal brief in a New York federal court on Monday. The colleges and universities argue that the travel ban, which is currently on hold following a federal appeals court ruling, would harm their ability to attract and educate the world’s best scholars.

“Dartmouth College counts among its core values embracing diversity with the knowledge that it significantly enhances the quality of a Dartmouth education, as well as fostering lasting bonds among faculty, staff, and students, which encourage a culture of integrity, self-reliance, and collegiality and instill a sense of responsibility for each other and for the broader world,” Dartmouth states in the legal brief.

Approximately 9% of Dartmouth’s undergraduate students are international, while nearly 30% of its graduate students come from outside the United States. The school says 15 of its students and staff are from Iran or Iraq, two of the seven Muslim-majority nations included in the President’s Executive Order.

The Hanover-based school joined academic heavyweights including Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Brown in the filing.