Dartmouth Challenging Use of Pseudonyms in Class-Action Sexual Abuse Case

May 16, 2019

Credit NHPR Staff

Dartmouth College is challenging the anonymity of plaintiffs in a $70 million class-action lawsuit that claims the school mishandled sexual abuse complaints for years.

Dartmouth argues the use of pseudonyms for two recently added plaintiffs will make it unfairly difficult for the college to defend itself.

The lawsuit, filed last fall, centers around three former members of the school’s neuroscience faculty. Plaintiffs argue Dartmouth administrators failed to properly protect students from harassment and assault by the men.

There are now nine total plaintiffs in the case, three of them anonymous. They argue the use of pseudonyms is necessary to protect their mental health and careers.

Dartmouth has denied the allegations in the suit, arguing administrators moved quickly to investigate complaints and discipline the three former faculty members. All three were forced out last year.