Dark For 5 Years, State Bridge Getting a New Set of Lights

Oct 11, 2017

Credit JB The Milker / Panoramio Creative Commons

A state-owned bridge in New Hampshire is getting a new set of lights, five years after going dark.

The Scammell Bridge carries Route 4 traffic over the Bellamy River. It spans Dover and Durham.

The state had paid about $7,000 a year to light the span, but that responsibility eventually fell to Durham and Dover, where residents opposed the idea.

A Dover business, Affinity LED Lighting bought and installed 51 lights on the bridge and another, brighter light in the parking lot on the Durham side.

The LED lights currently on the bridge will use about 85 percent less electricity than the previous lights. Annual electricity costs will likely be less than $2,000 a year.

The lighting is scheduled for Wednesday night.