Is Dan Brown Taking A Break From His Main Character?

Nov 15, 2017

Dan Brown
Credit NHPR File

Dan Brown just completed "Origin," another Robert Langdon thriller, but he says the fictional Harvard professor is unlikely to appear in his next novel.

The best-selling author spoke about his latest book and his favorite main character in an interview with the 10-Minute Writer's Workshop.

Before a recent Writers on a New England Stage at The Music Hall in Portsmouth, host Virginia Prescott asked Brown, "Can you imagine writing a book without him?"

"Sure," Brown says. "In fact, I think the next book I write will probably not be a Langdon book. I'll probably take a little break for awhile." 

Sorry, Tom Hanks. (Hanks is the actor who starred as Langdon in the movies based on Brown's blockbuster book series, which includes Angels & Demons, Inferno, The Lost Symbol, and The Da Vinci Code.)

In the interview, Brown expands on his interest in Robert Langdon as the kind of adventuresome man he wishes he could be.

In his travels abroad and in his research for "Origin," Brown notes he imagines a scene or subject as Langdon might.

"Without a doubt," he says, "when I'm traveling I'm seeing through Langdon's eyes."