N.H. Domestic Violence Services Struggle After State, Federal Cuts

Aug 5, 2013

Domestic violence programs in New Hampshire are turning away some of the people coming to them for help each year.  This follows a series of state and federal budget cuts.  

The first hit to the Granite State’s domestic violence programs came two years ago, when the legislature cut their $320 thousand appropriation by more than half.  Now, federal grant cuts have reduced that funding further.  That’s according to an Associated Press report published by the Concord Monitor.  The New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence says the $400 thousand  in combined cuts has forced programs to lay off workers. 

Between the cuts and increased demand, the Coalition says programs have had to turn away more than 700 people from shelters between 2011 and 2012.

The programs are funded mainly with a combination of marriage license fees, appropriations, and federal grants.  Since the legislature slashed funds last year, the feds have cut another $200 thousand in grant money.  Altogether, the state’s 14 programs are splitting $2.5 million this year.