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Crime, in a Nutshell

Jun 22, 2018

Bloody footprints. A rifle thrown to the floor. Bodies splayed across the bedroom. It's a gruesome scene. Still, you might have to squint to make it all out. Because this murder is in miniature... Today on the show, a profile of Frances Glessner Lee, called "the Mother of Forensic Science," and her famous crime-scene dioramas. Plus, a visit to a Juneteenth Day event in Nashua and the next installment in our NH license plate culture.  It's a Word of Mouth smorgasbord!

  • #USOVAIN: Another installment of our segment about New Hampshire vanity plate culture. This time, a look at the IH8SNOW saga, and other plate-related free speech problems.
  • Juneteenth in NH - an audio postcard from a Juneteenth event held in Nashua on June 19th. Also featured - JerriAnne Boggis, Director of the Black Heritage Trail in Portsmouth. 
  • Crime, in a Nutshell: As part of our series, #OnlyInNH, Hannah McCarthy investigates how a pioneering criminal investigator from NH re-created crime scenes in minature, and pushed forensic science into the modern era. She speaks with Susan Marks about her film, Of Dolls and Murder, Corinne Botz about her book, The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death, Nigel Manley of the Rocks Estate and Alton Mosher -- carpenter to Frances Glessner Lee.