Countering Violent Extremism: A Talk With Haroon Ullah

Mar 10, 2015

We sit down with U.S. diplomat and Islam expert Haroon Ullah to discuss the emergence of ISIS and other terrorist groups. While there is worldwide condemnation of their violence, the U.S. and other nations are struggling with how best to mobilize against them. We’ll explore the roots of this thorny issue and some of the myths that our guest says surround it.

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  • Harroon Ullah: Scholar and US Diplomat currently serving on Secretary John Kerry’s Policy Planning Staff

Dr. Ullah will be appearing at the World Affairs Council in Manchester tonight as part of their 'Global Tipping Points Series.'

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The Atlantic: Why It's So Hard to Stop ISIS Propaganda -- "Indeed, it is no exaggeration—although it may now be clichéd—to say that as well as being one of the most savage terrorist groups in the world today, ISIS also has the slickest propaganda. Its media arm Al Ḥayat has produced hundreds of films, ranging from three-minute beheading videos to hour-long features improbably combining elements of travelogue, historical documentary, and atrocity porn. Many are high-quality productions involving Hollywood-style techniques and special effects. One video, titled Clanging of the Swords, Part 4, drew particular praise from the late New York Times media critic David Carr, who wrote, “Anybody who doubts the technical ability of ISIS might want to watch a documentary of Fallujah that includes some remarkable drone camera work.”

The Washington Post: Foreign fighters flow to Syria --

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