Conservation Law Foundation To Sue Pease Over Stormwater Contamination

Sep 8, 2016

The Conservation Law Foundation says it will file two lawsuits against the Pease Development Authority over stormwater discharges, which the foundation alleges contains high levels of the chemical contaminants PFOA and PFOS.

These are the same contaminants that were discovered in drinking water on the former Pease Air Force base two years ago. Attorney Zak Griefen says tests conducted by the Conservation Law Foundation show PFOA and PFOS “in very high amounts” in stormwater on Pease. That stormwater is transported and discharged into bodies of water, including the Piscataqua River. 

One of the organization’s letters of intent to sue cites the U.S. Clean Water Act; the other cites the U.S. Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

Griefen says he hopes these two cases will result in the compliance with pollution control measures and the remediation of soil on site.