Congressman Bass: All Options On Table To Reduce Deficit

Nov 2, 2011

The congressional “super committee” is only tasked with cutting one point two trillion dollars from the federal debt. But Second District Republican Congressman Charlie Bass is asking the panel to cut even deeper, even if it taxes are thrown into the mix.

Bass is joining ninety nine of his colleagues from both sides of the aisle in asking the “super committee” to set four trillion dollars in budget cuts as its target. In a letter the group says it can support big budget cuts even if it includes increasing federal revenue – a position that’s anathema to most of the G-O-P. Bass has pledged he won’t support any net tax increases. But he says he doesn’t mind risking a primary challenge for supporting this bi-partisan effort. 

“I don’t believe in raising taxes. I’ve been against that – raising taxes for a long time, but I’m also not going to allow any view on a particular issue to stop me from supporting a plan that will save this nation.”

Both of New Hampshire’s senators have asked the “super committee” to aim at cutting four trillion dollars from the debt, but the proposal they signed onto didn’t put revenues on the bargaining table.