Congressional Redistricting Moves Forward | New Hampshire Public Radio

Congressional Redistricting Moves Forward

Apr 11, 2012

New Hampshire lawmakers have reached agreement on a Congressional redistricting plan. With two incumbent Republicans in Congress, both wanted to keep their districts as GOP-leaning as possible.

Under the final plan, six towns will switch districts. Sanborton, Tilton and Campton move east from District 2 to District 1; while Deerfield, Northwood and Center Harbor will shift west to District 2.

The new maps are believed to make District 2, currently held by Charlie Bass, slightly more Republican. He’s facing what’s seen as the tougher reelection fight.

But before the House vote finalizing the plan, Manchester Representative Steve Vaillancourt, a Republican, urged colleagues to think about the wider impact of these changes.

"They are not the Guinta and Bass seats," said Vaillancourt. "They are the people’s seats."

More than 19,000 people are affected by the redistricting. The original House plan would have only moved 250 people.