Comments from Mt. Monadnock

Sep 14, 2012

This stream-of-consciousness postcard was assembled from random entries in the Marlboro Trail hiker register on Mount Monadnock, most-climbed mountain in the Western Hemisphere. A year of scrawled fragments…


  • Happy New Year!
  • Today is my half-birthday!
  • Lost crampons on hike, if found please call…
  • Played hooky from work, a great choice.
  • Made pee-pee in the woods! 
  • Happy Spring!


  • Happy Easter.
  • Rescued two lost hikers.
  • May we continue to be grateful for Mother Earth.
  • Nice day except for the people: jerks on the phone; jerks drinking beer. 
  • Day #47: we finally made it back to civilization!
  • Forgot the bug spray.


  • All human beings are Gods!
  • Cool morning, humidity to come.
  • Mushrooms blooming.
  • Freedom!
  • Barefoot on the way up.
  • Sprained ankle.
  • Park closing at 6 pm as Hurricane Irene approaches!
  • Summer is about to end


  • Escaped from Massachusetts, may not go back.
  • Beautiful day to hike with the people I love most
  • Out of breath already, can’t wait for summit.
  • Thanks to all US Veterans. 
  • Enjoy winter, see you next spring.

Although many asked in earnest, there was no comment from the mountain.