The Closing of Lakeview: Why it Happened and What's Next

Dec 31, 2015

After months of scrutiny for abuse and neglect, this residential facility for people with brain injuries and developmental disabilities closed. We're following up on an investigation by NHPR and the radio program Reveal about the history of the center, its connections to similar facilities nationwide - and what this means for a vulnerable population.


This program was originally broadcast on 11/18/15.


  • Curt Decker -  executive director of the National Disability Rights Network
  • Jack Rodolico - NHPR's health reporter. He has been reporting on Lakeview for over a year, and co-reported an hour-long investigative program about the system this month.

You can listen to the full Reveal program here, and read the investigation here. The producers of the program also made an interactive timeline of the key players in the story.

Jack's reporting on this issue over the past year is collected on this page.