Close Races and Voting Trends in Tuesday's Primary Election

Sep 12, 2012

A handful of state senate races proved competitive in Tuesday’s primary.

It’s difficult to see a trend in the statewide legislative results says political analyst Dean Spiliotis.

There clearly are some races in which the tea party energy and conservatives seem to be winning out, but there also a number of races that we’re seeing in which more moderate incumbents are staying in through the primary.

One GOP senate race saw Representative Sam Cataldo defeat Dick Green. Cataldo was the more conservative of the two, with Green having described himself as a ‘Lynch republican.’

House Speaker Bill O’Brien will move on the General Election—although his race was not one of the most competitive of the evening. In the state senate Andy Sanborn beat Ken Hawkins. One of the tightest state senate races was Josh Youssef’s victory over Bill Grimm—by 6 percentage points.

Come November, Spiliotis says local politicians may be overshadowed by events in Washington.  

You’re going to see the same kind of ideology and rhetoric that you see at the presidential and gubernatorial level carried down to the state house level.