Clinton, Sanders Tout Progressive Credentials at Derry Town Hall Forum

Feb 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton at Wednesday night's CNN Town Hall Forum in Derry.
Credit Kate Brindley for NHPR

At a CNN town hall forum in Derry Wednesday night, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton defended collecting $675,000 in fees for three speeches she made to Goldman Sachs.

Clinton says she made speeches to lots of groups and pushed back against the idea that the money she made would influence her.

"Anybody who knows me who thinks they can influence me, name anything they've influenced me on. Name one thing. I'm out here every day saying I'm going to shut them down, that I'm going after them, that I'm going to jail them if they should be jailed, that I'm going to break them up."

At the forum, which was sponsored by CNN,  Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders continued to call into question Clinton's progressive credentials.

Sanders says while he respects the former Secretary of State, there are issues on which they disagree.

"I do not know any progressive who has a Super PAC and takes $15 million from Wall Street. That's just not progressive."

Bernie Sanders at Wednesday night's CNN Town Hall Forum in Derry.
Credit Kate Brindley for NHPR

"You can't go and say you're a moderate on one day and be a progressive on the other day," Sanders added. "Some of my best friends are moderates. I love moderates. But you can't be a moderate and a progressive. They are different." 

Clinton says "she's a progressive who likes to get things done" and says Sanders shouldn't be the "gatekeeper" of who is progressive.

 "I'm not going to let that bother me," she said. "I know where I stand. I know who stands with me. I know what I've done.