ClassicalNH Frequently Asked Questions

Feb 10, 2014

Q: How can I hear ClassicalNH?

ClassicalNH can be heard on the radio in the Concord area at 91.5 FM and on HD radio at 89.1 HD-2.

There are also a number of ways to listen on your computer or mobile device: Listen in your browser, listen in the NHPR Livestream Player (click "Listen Live" at the top of the page and select "ClassicalNH"), listen via the NHPR iPhone/Android app, or listen via a desktop application:

Q: I have your app, but I can't figure out how to hear ClassicalNH!

To choose your listening stream in the app, navigate to the "Live" tab, and double-tap the bar that reads "Listen Live ClassicalNH." Now, when you hit play, you'll be hearing ClassicalNH! The app will remember your selection until you change it again.

Q: So what is this HD-2 I am hearing about? When I tune to 89.1 I don't hear ClassicalNH. Why not?

HD-Radio is a new form of digital broadcasting, much like HDTV, only for radio. And just like HDTV you need an HD-capable radio to get it. Most retailers now sell them at stores like Best Buy, Walmart or Radio Shack, or online retailers like Amazon or Nextag.

The digital HD signal is embedded inside the traditional analog signal of 89.1 WEVO. With an HD radio, not only can you hear New Hampshire Public Radio with crystal clarity, but HD signals come with two extra channels, HD-2 and HD-3. That's where you can hear ClassicalNH.

So once you have your HD-capable radio, tune to 89.1 and select HD-2 to hear ClassicalNH. The HD-2 signal of Classical New Hampshire travels much further than the analong signal of WCNH 91.5, so if you find yourself listening to 89.1, but can't hear 91.5, tune-in to 89.1 HD-2.

Learn more about HD radio.

Q: I'm a classical musician - can ClassicalNH play my songs?

We currently do not have the ability to add local music into our programming rotation.

For general questions regarding the schedule of programs, contact Michael Rathke.