Civil Engineers Worry Cuts To EPA Could Threaten N.H.'s Water Infrastructure

Mar 7, 2017

Officials overseeing the state’s dams and wastewater treatment plants say they’re heartened by calls for more investment in infrastructure by Governor Sununu and President Trump.

But they're also alarmed by the Trump Administration’s proposed cuts to the EPA.

Speaking on The Exchange, Fred McNeill, Chief Engineer at Manchester’s Environmental Protection Division, says the EPA funds several state positions that help maintain and improve the city’s one thousand miles of underground water infrastructure.  McNeill is concerned these jobs may now be eliminated.

"Obviously we have no control over it but we want our colleagues to be funded so that we can work together, because it really is a joint effort between regulators, between local politicians, between local utilities. No one can work alone on such a huge project.” 

Listen to the full conversation, and check back later for more highlights from the discussion.