City of Nashua Offers Suicide Prevention Training For Community | New Hampshire Public Radio

City of Nashua Offers Suicide Prevention Training For Community

Oct 22, 2019

Credit C. Hanchey via Flickr CC

Representatives from mental health organizations in New Hampshire gathered at Nashua City Hall on Monday night to teach the public about suicide prevention and awareness.

The training was part of an initiative from the city's suicide prevention task force.

Bobbie Bagley, director for the Nashua's Division of Public Health and Community Services, says the city is trying to make it easier to have conversations about mental health and suicide.

"Being willing to learn more about resources and what we need to be able to address this issue in a way that allows for people to really feel like they can ask for help," Bagley said.

Elaine de Mello from the National Alliance on Mental Health helped lead the training. She says if someone is unsure of how to handle a situation where a person needs help, they should seek outside assistance.

“Pass it to somebody who can do something with it. It might be at the mental health center, law enforcement. It might be somebody at the hospital. But do get help.”

City leaders, including Mayor Jim Donchess, also attended the event.

The suicide prevention task force plans to meet for the first time on Tuesday. Bagley says it plans to hold more public trainings in the future.

If you or someone you know needs help, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.